IDEV 2500: Introduction to International Development (W12)

I have the great privilege of once again teaching IDEV 2500: Introduction to International Development again in the Winter 2012 semester. Working with the International Development Studies students is always inspiring and motivating, and I look forward to another great semester. As with previous semesters, this course will be a combination of instructor-led lectures and group activities, guest speakers, and seminars. Always striving to improve the learning experience for my students, I have again made changes and alterations to the IDEV 2500 course structure and curriculum.

Course Description

This course examines development processes, interventions, theories, and policies affecting the lives of peoples in different parts of the world. Students will be introduced to a broad range of topics in international development studies viewed from the perspectives of different social science disciplines and researchers. The course is organized around the seven areas of emphasis of the International Development Studies (IDS) undergraduate program—political economy and administration, environment, history, rural and agricultural studies, economic and business development, women and gender, and Latin American studies—as well as several other areas important to development theory and practice, such as environmental health, climate change, and professional practice. This is a foundation course for students specializing in international development as part of the IDS program.

Please view the course outline for more details: IDEV 2500 W12 Course Outline. And check out our year-end video for inspiration about international development!

As with previous semesters, students in this course created a number of really excellent and engaging projects. There is a sample listed below, and more coming shortly.  Enjoy!

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