Adapting emotionally to the climate crisis

As part of Science Friday’s Degrees Of Change series, I spoke with host Ira Flatow about how we, as a planet, are adapting emotionally to the climate crisis.

We talked about the grief tied to environmental loss and how it impacts people on all different levels, leading to a range of mental health challenges. And, we talked about how people can move through their grief and adapt it into actions that can make a difference.

I was honoured to share space on this episode with Dr. Renée Lertzman, who works at the intersection of psychological research and sustainability. Later in the episode, Ira also speaks with climate researcher Dr. Kate Marvel and essayist Mary Annaïse Heglar, who discuss their respective experiences working on climate change, and grieving it. 

Listen to the full episode here.

“New Earth 1” by Daniele Molnar. It is the artist’s first in a series where she grapples with her own climate grief using shapes such as fragments missing from glaciers.

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