Exploring ecological grief

I am so thankful for this generative and inspiring conversation on the ambiguity, power, and expansiveness of ecological grief with Lisa Keefauver on her podcast, Grief is a Sneaky Bitch.

Speaking of Psychology: How to cope with climate anxiety

Climate change has moved from an abstract idea to a reality — a reality that many people around the world are increasingly worried about. In this light, I’m excited to share this new episode of the American Psychological Association’s Speaking of Psychology podcast, which takes a deep dive into exploring the mental health effects of climate change.

Ecological grief on BBC Sounds

From wildfires to melting sea ice to dying coral reefs, this podcast features scientists (Dr. Steve Simpson, Dr. Andy Radford), a doctor (Dr. Courtney Howard) & a researcher (me) talking about ecological grief at the frontlines of climate and environmental change.

Coping with ecological grief

Gaia Vince of The Guardian talked with me and two other climate researchers, Drs. Steve Simpson, Deanna Witman, about how we are each coping with our respective experiences of ecological grief.

Mourning Nature now available

Mourning Nature: Hope at the Heart of Ecological Grief and Loss, an edited collection that myself and Dr. Karen Landman from the University of Guelph have been working on for…

Mental Health & Our Changing Climate

In June 2014, the American Psychological Association and ecoAmerica published an important report, Beyond Storms & Drought: The Psychological Impacts of Climate Change, which outlined the numerous direct and indirect pathways…