Ecological grief and hope on “No Little Plans”

I was delighted to join Vicky Mochama in talking about the many emotions of ecological grief on an episode of “No Little Plans,” a podcast about the state Canada’s progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

I talked specifically about ecological grief in Northern Labrador, one of the areas that is being hit the hardest by climate change. I shared some insights our research team learned from hundreds of conversations with residents and elders in Labrador, who are bearing day-to-day witness to a whole host of losses in natural world, including losses to species, waters, and lands. People in Labrador described how mourning losses due to climate change was like ‘grief without end.’ 

Also in this episode, Vicky speaks with other prominent voices of ecological grief, including Hillary McGregor of Standing Bear Program, and Dr. Deborah McGregor, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice at York University’s Osgoode Hall.

Listen to the full episode here.

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