Ecological Grief

This page brings together highlights from the various interviews, articles, reports, and other sources that have featured aspects of my research related to ecological grief. Click on the icons below to jump to specific sections of this page.





Adapting emotionally to the climate crisis

As part of Science Friday’s Degrees Of Change series, Ashlee spoke with host Ira Flatow about how we, as a planet, are adapting emotionally to the climate crisis. They talked about the…

Ecological grief and hope on “No Little Plans”

I was delighted to join Vicky Mochama in talking about the many emotions of ecological grief on an episode of “No Little Plans,” a podcast about the state Canada’s progress…

Discussing ecological grief on Detroit Today

On July 16, 2019, Ashlee joined Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson to discuss ecological grief and its impacts. Listen to the full interview here, and read the original post here.

Talking climate change and ecological grief on the CBC

On August 14th, 2019, Ashlee teamed the CBC Radio morning shows across the country with Dr. Courtney Howard. Between the two of them, they did 25 interviews, talking about climate change,…

Ecological grief on BBC Sounds

In this episode of BBC Sounds, Gaia Vince interviewed Ashlee and other scientists about ecological grief at the frontlines of climate and environmental change. You can read the original post…


Article on ecological grief for NiCHE series

In January 2018, Ashlee published an article on ecological grief for the Network in Canadian History & Environment’s series on “Canada’s Anthropocene.” In this article, Ashlee wrote about the deeply intrinsic…

Ecological grief research featured in Undark Magazine

In January 2019, Ashlee’s research on ecological grief was featured in an article written by Michaela Cavanagh for Undark Magazine. Specifically, she discussed ecological grief in the context of her work with…

Climate change and ecological grief in the LA Times

In January 2020, the LA Times published an article about the emotional impacts of climate change, featuring insights from Ashlee and other experts on climate change and mental health, including…

Coping with ecological grief

In January 2020, Gaia Vince of The Guardian interviewed Ashlee, along with Drs. Steve Simpson and Deanna Witman, about how they are coping with their respective experiences of ecological grief. They discussed…

Talking climate change, eco-anxiety, and action with Chatelaine

In May of 2019, Ashlee was interviewed by Sydney Loney of Chatelaine Magazine to talk about her research related to climate change and eco-anxiety, or the anxiety related to changes…

Research on ecological grief featured in Shine

In February of 2020, Ashlee spoke with Hayley Goldberg for Shine about Hayley some of the tangible things we can do to cope with ecological grief, and use it as…


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