New Article on Inuit-Youth-Led Participatory Video & Adaptation

Just in time for the annual ArcticNet Annual Scientific conference in Vancouver, BC, Arctic has released our new article on using Inuit-youth-led participatory video as a strategy to enhance adaptive capacities and support known protective facts.

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New Article: Elder Perceptions of Climate Change

Here is a sneak peak of a new article that is hitting the presses this week through the Journal of Aboriginal Health Special Issue on Inuit Health & Wellbeing. The article will be available through the International Journal of Indigenous Health.

Congratulations to Joshua Ostapchuk for publishing his thesis research!

Article Front Page

Two New Research Reports Published

We are happy to share two newly-released and minted reports from community-led research in Nunatsiavut, Labrador, led by the Rigolet Inuit Community Government.

Inuit Mental Health & Adaptation to Climate Change


Hard copies are also being printed, so please contact us if you would like a copy mailed.

Attutauniujuk Nunami/Lament for the Land Trailer Released!

Today’s the day: we released the Trailer for our documentary Attutauniujuk Nunami/Lament for the Land on our brand new Facebook Site.

This film has been a complete labour of love, from the filming to the editing and and everything in between. We are looking forward to introducing you to the great people in the film when we release an amazing website and the complete documentary online (for free) on September 22, 2014.

We hope you enjoy!


Introducing the IlikKuset-Illingannet/Culture-Connect Program!

I am extremely excited and pleased to share a new video celebrating the wonderful youth and mentors of the IlikKuset-Illingannet/Culture-Connect Program, which ran in Rigolet, Makkovik, and Postville, Nunatsiavut, Labrador.

This progracommap-390x470-2m united 5 youth and 5 mentors in each community to learn culturally-based skills, such as trapping, fur preparation, wild meat cooking, snowshoe making, carving, music, and art. Youth spent approximately 4-5 weeks with each mentor learning these skills, with approximately 2,500 youth-adult mentor hours in total throughout the program.

This video was made during a youth gathering in Rigolet in March/April 2014 to celebrate the end of the program. We were lucky enough to work with Jordan Konek of Konek Productions, editor extraordinaire, to make this video. Jordan flew in from Iqaluit, and after experiencing weather delay after weather delay, finally arrived in Rigolet and helped our group put this together in 48 hours!

Special thanks to the youth and mentors of this program, without whom this wouldn’t be possible. Your passion, dedication, wisdom, knowledge, and skills are inspiring! Thank you to the Inuit Community Governments of Rigolet, Makkovik, and Postville for supporting this program, and to Inez Shiwak from the ‘My Word’: Storytelling & Digital Media Lab in Rigolet, Michele Wood in the Nunatsiavut Department of Health & Social Development, and Joanna Petrasek MacDonald from McGill University for all your help and support!

Many thanks to Health Canada’s Climate Change and Health Adaptation in Northern First Nations and Inuit Communities program, the Nasivvik Centre for Inuit Health and Changing Environments, IK-ADAPT, IMHACC, and the Canada Research Chair program for funding.