‘My Word’ Team at ArcticNet Conference

It is a month after the event, I know, but I am finally posting some pictures from the annual ArcticNet conference in Ottawa, Ontario this past December. With two oral presentations, and three posters exhibited, the Changing Climate, Changing Health, Changing Stories project and the My Word’: Storytelling and Digital Media Lab (Rigolet, Nunatsiavut) were well represented. A great and productive time was had by all, with the opportunity to connect with old friends and colleagues, and meet many new folks doing excellent Arctic- and sub Arctic-based work and research.

Ashlee Cunsolo Willox (Guelph), Inez Shiwak (Rigolet), Charlotte Wolfrey (Rigolet), Sherilee Harper (Guelph)
Inez Shiwak and Charlotte Wolfrey, representing the Rigolet 'My Word' Team at ArcticNet
Ashlee Cunsolo and Sherilee Harper

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