Robocall Steve for Climate Action!

Students from my first year class on Canada and Climate Change (Cool Heads for a Hot Planet) have spent the semester becoming educated, engaged, and enraged on the state of climate change in Canada and globally, and on Canada’s current stances on climate change.

They decided to start a campaign to ‘robocall’ Stephen Harper to transform their academic learning into some active citizenry (seeing as Guelph is at the epicentre of this scandal). Robocall Steve for Climate Action is scheduled for April 4th, 2012. If you’re in the Guelph area, join us on the University of Guelph campus in Brannion Plaza from 1-2pm.

  • Call Steve from our Robot Booth
  • Sign your name to the ‘I Robocalled Steve for Climate Action’ list of champions (and we’ll mail it to Steve after)
  • Get an ‘I Robocalled Steve’ button to wear with pride
  • At 1:45pm, join in a group call to Steve!

If you’re not in Guelph, don’t worry — we are hoping to spread this campaign across Canada! We need help spreading this far and wide, and hope to inspire people to:

  • Start their own Robocall Steve for Climate Action day on April 4th!
  • Upload a video pledging to call Steve
  • Call Steve at 1-613-992-4211 and share this message:

Hi Steve, this is [insert your name], and I’m calling from [insert your location].
And I have a message for you.
I’m calling to talk about climate change.
It’s real and it’s happening.
And it’s negatively impacting Canadians everywhere.
Something needs to be done, Steve.
There is no Planet B,
We have to live with the decisions you make, Steve.
Make Canada a Climate Leader, not a Climate Loser.
Do it for us.

For more information:
Twitter: @callsteveday

On April 4th, 2012, join us in Robocalling Steve for Climate Action!


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