New Article Published: Climate Change as the Work of Mourning

Happy to share the recent publication of my article, Climate Change as the Work of Mourning, which was published as a special issue on Climate Change and Ethics through the wonderful journal, Ethics and the Environment. Here’s a description of the article by Raymond Anthony, editor of the issue.

“Cunsolo Willox opens new vistas of inquiry for philosophers and social scientists in her insightful and compassionate examination of grief and mourning that occurs with the destruction and demise of non-human bodies and spaces. Carefully weaving important narratives regarding the Inuit in the Canadian North with a masterful reinvigoration of both Bulter and Derrida to meet this aspect of the challenge of climate change, Cunsolo Willox examines the political and ethical implications of framing climate change discourses as mourning. Not only must we reconsider the pervasive moral and political mentality that has brought us to the current precipice, Cunsolo Willox concludes that “[t]he work of mourning brings back these [non-human] bodies to the foreground as something worthy to be mourned through productive, transformative, interminable, and never-ending work…work that may allow for a deeper understanding of our relationships with other bodies, human and non-human—a new ecological ethic and platform for unification and action premised upon and mobilized through the work and labors of mourning.” Cunsolo Willox gives voice to an ancient way of knowing and being that is essential to our flourishing, if not survival.”

To read the article: Climate Change as Work of Mourning_Cunsolo Willox 2012

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