Film Screenings in Nunatsiavut

screen shotI am pleased to share that we are getting ready for the first screenings/tour of our new doc film, Attutauniujuk Nunami/Lament for the Land, in Nunatsiavut, Labrador!

If you are in the region, come on out and see some amazing folks share beautiful wisdom and experiences about changes on the land and how it is impacting Inuit lives and wellness. 


Rigolet, March 25th
Makkovik, April 1st
Postville, April 2nd
Hopedale, April 3rd
Nain, April 4th

This film features some amazing folks, and wouldn’t have been possible without them: Charlotte Wolfrey (Rigolet); Kenny Michelin (Rigolet), Derrick Pottle (Rigolet), Marilyn Baikie (Rigolet), Kevin Jacque (Rigolet), Mary Andersen (Makkovik), John Winters (Makkovik), Myrtle Groves (Makkovik), Glen Sheppard (Postville), Greg Jacque (Postville), Stephen Rose (Postville), Jim Goudie (Postville), Diane Gear (Postville), Ian Winters (Hopedale),  Kevin Flowrers (Hopedale), Kim Dicker (Hopedale), Piercy Boase (Hopedale), Rosie Hurley (Hopedale), Melvin Hurley (Hopedale), Wayne Piercy (Hopedale), Susan Saksagiak (Nain), Noah Nochasak (Nain), and Tony Andersen (Nain).

This film was produced as part of the Inuit Mental Health and Adaptation to Climate Change project. Hope to see you there!

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