New article published: Adapting to the Health Effects of Climate Change on Inuit Health

I’m happy to share a new publication that was just released online today through The American Journal of Public Health. This article was a collaborative effort of the members of the IK-Adapt Project, and examines strategies for adapting to the health effects of climate change within an Inuit context. And there’s some cool pics and a map too…

Abstract: Climate change will have far-reaching implications for Inuit health. Focusing on adaptation offers a pro-active approach for managing climate-related health risks—one that views Inuit populations as activeagents in planning and responding at household, community, and regional levels. Adaptation can direct attention to the root causes of climate vulnerability and emphasize the importanceof traditional knowledge regarding environmental change and adaptive strategies. An evidence base on adaptation optionsand processes for Inuit regions is currently lacking, however, thus constraining climate policy development. In this article, we tackled this deficit, drawing upon our understanding of thedeterminants of health vulnerability to climate change in Canada to propose key considerations for adaptation decision-making in an Inuit context.

The article is available online here for reading and distribution.

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