To grieve or not to grieve? New article published in NiCHE series on “Canada’s Anthropocene”

In January of 2018, I had the honour of contributing to the Network in Canadian History & Environment’s series on Canada’s Anthropocene.”

In this article, I write about the deeply intrinsic relationships among the land and human emotional and mental wellbeing among Inuit in Labrador. With increasing climate and environmental change, Inuit are experiencing loss of ecosystems, of livelihoods, of knowledge systems, and of cultural connections.

In many ways, the Anthropocene is characterized by significant ecological loss—loss of species, loss of biodiversity, loss of ecosystem productivity. And within these losses, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are the attendant experiences of grief, and the accompanying labours of mourning.

Excerpt from “To Grieve or Not to Grieve” (Cunsolo, 2018)

Read the full article here.

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